During the course of this group project, I’ve got to know the other group members a lot better, and because of this we had a good group dynamic where we got the work done, but still had a friendly atmosphere.

My contribution to the group consisted of writing the design brief, contributing concepts, as well as creating part of the Solidworks model. Specifically by creating the side logos that can be seen on the sides of the YouCube. After we finished the Solidworks model, I helped in creating the physical prototype. This included 3D printing the design in the workshops and then creating a simple parallel circuit with 4 LED’s so that we could show our product illuminated. I also contributed towards making the promtional and explanatory videos, which I shot with help from Jacob and Jack.

I feel that throughout the project, the group had a fairly balanced workload, with each of us being delegated tasks to be completed. If someone was struggling with a part of the work, we would help out as a group. However, as the group spokesperson, I did not do a good job of communicating to the lecturer how our group was progressing, as well as making sure that work was delegated properly. Also I believe that my use of time could be improved greatly as sometimes I forgot things or was not organised, therefore wasting time going to fetch materials or documents when I could have been working.