Throughout this assignment I believe that I’ve worked to the best of my ability, providing work of a good standard and have been willing to do any work required for the group. One of the main reasons the project was such a success was down to organisation. I, as well as my group members had a structured plan of what work needed to be finished and when it needed to be finished. In the design stage of the project I gave a lot of suggestions towards our digital ecosystem, giving my opinion on other people’s designs and which ones worked best. For this assignment, we divided individual tasks between our group, I designed 5 initial concepts, 2 developed concepts and a final design drawing. I also created two detailed research sheets, a questionnaire to help us narrow down our design concepts and understand our target market, and as well as this in the design development stage I created a concept selection graph to make our decision easier of which idea we would take forward. However one thing I think could have improved on was the frequency of group meetings. I believe that I could have arranged group meetings more often and could therefore look over each other’s work and give our opinions and possible improvements. As well as this I believe I could have added a few more concepts to our project, as once we had seen one idea that everyone was impressed with, I believe I focused too much on that and didn’t believe any other concepts could match up to it. Overall I enjoyed the project, it helped show our creative sides and working in a group helped us express our opinions and open up.